Pakistan Red Crescent KP BRANCH


The Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Branch was established under a Notification issued by the then Governor of erstwhile North West Frontier (NWFP) Province, Mr. Mohammad Aslam Khattak, who also constituted a 10 Member Managing Committee as required under clause 8 (1 D) of the 1974 Act of Parliament.

            The members of the first Committee were:-

  • Lady Viqarun Nisa Noon N.I –         Chairperson
  • Gul Mohammad MNA –     Member, From Peshawar
  • Begum Zari Sarfaraz             –    Member, From Mardan
  • Begum Mahmuda Salim Khan –     Member, From Hazara
  • Deshmukh –           Member, Manager State Bank

             of Pakistan

  • Maj (Rtd) Qasuria –           Member, From I.Khan
  • Malik Damsaz Khan –           Member, From Bannu
  • M. Azam Khan –           Member, Secretary to Governor NWFP


  • A retired Commissioner –                              Member


First Chairperson

Lady Viqar-un-Nisa Noon N.I. (Late) was the first chairperson of erstwhile PRC NWFP branch. She was the wife of Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Malik Firoz Khan Noon, and was a renowned social worker.


Framing of the Constitution and Financial Rules

Immediately after the establishment of the Branch, a Sub-Committee was appointed by the Managing Committee under the President-ship of Vice-Chairman Justice Shah Zaman Babar to frame Society’s Constitution. Mr. Deshmikh, Manager, State Bank of Pakistan, Peshawar and secretary PRC, Col ® Mazhar Ali Shah were the two members of the Sub-Committee. A draft of the Constitution and Rules and Financial Rules was prepared, presented to the Managing Committee and approved. These came into effect immediately.

Thus, the KP Provincial Branch became the first Provincial Chapter to have its Constitution and Rules and Financial Rules. Later, the Service Rules were also made and approved by the Managing Committee and adopted by the Society.


Present Projects


  1. Joint Pakistan Red Crescent KP / International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Programme


The ICRC is supporting PRC KP since early 1980s with the influx of Afghan Refugees. During the period 2008-2011, PRC-ICRC had a Joint Programme to support a large number of Temporarily Dislocated Persons (TDPs) from Swat district, Bajaur, Kurram & Orakzai agencies. PRC with the support of ICRC established and successfully ran 11 TDPs Camps and also extended support to off-camp TDPs. The services to the TPDs (both encamp & off-camp) included Shelter, Food & Non-Food Items, Health, Water & Sanitation and Restoring Family Links.


From the last one decade, the ICRC’s support has been in the following areas:


  • Strengthening and up gradation of the PRC First Aid Department which includes Free Emergency Ambulance Services, Formation and Training of the Emergency Response Teams.


  • To enhance the image building of the PRC by posting a Media & Communication Officer at PRC PHQ KP.


  • Establishment and support to the PRC District Branches in the conflict prone districts namely, D.I. Khan, Bannu, Hangu and Lower Dir.


  • Provision of Disaster Preparedness (DP) Stocks (Non-Food Items) for 200 families at each of the above mentioned four districts.


  • Awareness regarding Mine Risk Education among the dwellers of violence affected areas and rehabilitation of the mine affectees


  • Restoring Family Links (HR, Financial & Technical Support)




  1. Joint Pakistan Red Crescent KP / International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Programme  


The Integrated Recovery Programme (IRP) after the massive flood of 2010 was launched with the support of IFRC in the districts of Swat, Shangla and Kohistan. The main focus was on the construction and rehabilitation of the flood damages. The Programme continued till 2013.


Presently, Integrated Community Based Risk Reduction (ICBRR) is launched in Mansehra district of KP with the aim to reduce risks and enhance and strengthen the capacities of the targeted communities to make them resilient for future disasters.


Programme Objectives

The two main objectives of the ICBRR programme are:

  1. The resilience of the people will be enhanced through Community-led Integrated Risk Reduction activities.
  2. To enhance the PRCS’s programming capacity on community resilience and organisational disaster preparedness, as well as to sustainable branch development capacity.


Components of ICBRR:


  1. Disaster Management (DM)
  2. Youth and Volunteer Management (Y & V)
  3. Organisation Development (OD)
  4. Community Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA)
  5. Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation (PMER) and Report as cross cutting component of the Programme


  1. Joint Pakistan Red Crescent KP / German Red Cross (GRC) Programme


The working relationship between Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, (KP) Branch and German Red Cross (GRC) dates back to 1983 and can be termed as the longest partnership between the Host National Society and Partner National Society. The partnership is responsible for the construction and running of several health outlets, rehabilitation and reconstruction and administering government health units, construction of mitigation and risk reduction projects etc.

From 2009 till 2015, two programmes in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Primary Health Care (PHC) were launched in the districts of Shangla, Kohistan and Chitral. The main focus in DRR was the construction of Micro Mitigation Projects and in PHC running 10 Basic Health Units with free of cost after they were repaired and reconstructed due to their earlier damage in the floods of 2010.

Presently, Community Based Disaster Preparedness project is functional in the districts of Kohistan and Shangla by PRC with the collaboration of GRC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Germany.

About 200 DP stock is also placed under the programme in the warehouses of PRC KP districts branches Chitral, Shangla and Kohistan.



  1. Joint Pakistan Red Crescent KP / Danish Red Cross (GRC) Programme


A Programme on Psycho Social Support (PSP) was launched with the support of DRC in Swat after the militancy in the region. The programme continued till 2013.

In the year 2015 PRC KP / DRC Manoor Valley Programme was launched in the district of Mansehra. The programme was launched to rehabilitate the damage structures due to the floods of 2010/11 and the construction of Micro Mitigation Projects (MMPs) including Bridges, Retaining walls/ Gabion walls, Foot Tracts, Check Dams, Water Supply Schemes etc and reconstruction of the lone BHU in the Valley.



  1. Joint Pakistan Red Crescent KP / Canadian Red Cross (CRC) IRP


Integrated Recovery Programme (IRP) was launched by PRC with the support of CRC in the district of Swat and Battagram. The programme was launched in 2013 and continued till 2013 with the focus on the following components: –

  1. Health (Provision of Primary Health Care in two Rural Health Centres in Swat and one Basic Health Unit in Battagram)
  2. Disaster Management
  3. Capacity Building / Branch Development
  4. Violence Prevention (in Swat only)