Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation


In the past decades, there has been a sharp increase worldwide in weather-related disasters. Climate change is aggravating the risks communities are exposed to.

Pakistan currently ranks 5th most vulnerable country to climate risk on the Global Climate Risk Index. In 2014-2015, Pakistan faced the second highest death toll and 14th highest economic losses compared with other countries on the index. Climate related risks are affecting communities across Pakistan in different forms like heat waves in Karachi (2016), extreme precipitation (Chitral 2010) Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF). Landslides and avalanches regularly occur in KP and Gilgit-Baltistan while Balochistan and Sindh are exposed to drought and coastal flooding.

There is an urgent need to better manage the rising risk of extreme weather events through better early warning, better disaster relief and risk reduction, climate-smart programs for health & care, water & sanitation and food security.

 Main Achievements

  • Cash support of Rs17.27 million to 785 people affected by 2015 earthquake in Chitral and Shangla
  • Handed over two buildings of worth Rs44 million for district branches in Thatta and Badin while the building in Chitral will be completed soon
  • 1,208 community resilience activities and awareness sessions in 5 districts including two in KP, two in Sindh and one in GB
  • Launch of new 03 x DRR/CCA and Urban DRR interventions of worth Rs114.5 million in GB, KP and Sindh
  • Rs10 million support for undertaking school safety in Karachi
  • Handover of PRC provincial warehouse to the PRC-KP constructed at a cost of Rs12.5 million
  • 22 village level trainings in kitchen gardening and climate-sensitive agriculture
  • Construction of an Emergency Operation Center at a cost of Rs10 million for a coordinated response in Karachi
  • Cooperation with the Sindh Agricultural University for research in techniques to minimize climate risk in community agriculture techniques
  • Seven community level mitigation projects for climate related risks in the KP
  • Provision of Rs33 million worth of medical equipment to Blood Donor Center at the PHQ Lahore


Program Manager CCA

Mr. Syed Shahid Kazmi

Program Officer CCA

Ms. Javeria Nazir

Program Officer CCA

Mr. Raja Dauood