Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS)

AJK State Branch



The Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC) Azad Jammu and Kashmir State Branch was established in 2OO1 by an Act of the AJK Legislative Assembly and an auxiliary to the Government. It is a non-profit and humanitarian organization dedicated to improve the situation of most vulnerable.The PRC AJK State Branch is member of International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.

Successfully completed Projects

  1. Vaccination Campaign

A vaccination campaign was started during the early months of PRCS AJK inception. This campaign was initiated for the vaccination of Hepatitis B and C, which was continued for two years. During this campaign, children and adults were vaccinated in Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Mirpur districts.

  1. Relief Operation after Earthquake 2005

The PRCS AJK State Branch with the help of PRCS NHQ and other partner National Societies started a big relief program for the Earthquake 2005 victims. Initially, thousands were supported with food items, blankets, clothes, tents and with medical services. In the second phase, the rehabilitation of the earthquake victims was started and they were provided with CGI Sheets, and other construction material. The PRCS NHQ with the support of other national societies completed 19 construction projects included schools, colleges, BHUs and Vocational Training Centers with an estimated cost of Rs. 65 millions in Muzaffarabad district.

  1. PHAST Project

A project, namely Hygiene Promotion and Sanitation (PHAST), was started in AJK in 2008 with the financial support of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). This project continued for two years. The basic purpose of this project was to promote the hygienic practices and sanitation in the earthquake-affected areas of District Muzaffarabad.

  1. Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) Project

The CBDRR Project was initiated in January 2009 with the support of Danish Red Cross,  Canadian Red Cross and European Commission. Initially 10 villages of Union Council Noora Seri of District Muzaffarabad were included in this project. It is important to mention here the UC Noora Seri situated in most vulnerable and disaster prone areas of AJK. 13,110 beneficiaries were benefited by this project. The main purpose of this project was, establishment of villages level committees, CBOs and their capacity building to respond any disaster and establishment of emergency response teams at village level and equipped them with emergency response tools.  In the second phase, this project was enhanced to District Bagh of AJK. This was the one of best projects in the world in Disaster Risk Reduction. Both parts of this project were completed with the budget of Rs. 190 millions.  This project was ended in December 2012.

  1. Flood Recovery in Kashmir (FRK) Project

Initiated in 2011 with the support of Austrian Red Cross and Canadian Red Cross with an objective to minimize the effects of Flood 2010. This project was continued for one year in Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Neelum Districts of AJK. Flood effectees were provided with shelters, washrooms and other material. 7,000 beneficiaries in each of above mentioned districts took benefits from the FRK Project. 288 families got shelters in Muzaffarabad, Neelum and Bagh districts under this project. This project was ended in December 2011. Total value of this project was Rs. 40 millions.

  1. Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) – Hum-Ahngi Project  

The CBDRR Hum-Ahngi Project was started in July 2011 with the support of Danish Red Cross in two union councils of Muzaffarabad and Bagh districts. The main objective of this project was to interlink the people and institutions to minimize the effects of any disaster. This project continued till December 2012. Total 36,127 persons got benefit from this project. The budget outlay of this project was 50 millions.

  1. First Aid Department.

Established in 2002, First Aid was the first ever department established in PRCS AJK State Branch after its inception. It was supported by the ICRC.  The FA Department was trying hard to give the reality to the dream of PRCS “One first aider in every home”. There were two parts of this department. 1. Trained Emergency Response Teams. 2. Awareness on basic first aid in students, communities by organizing first aid trainings and awareness sessions. This department has been ended in February 2013 due to the closure of funds from the ICRC.


  1. Psychosocial Support Program (PSP)

In 2006, the Turkish Red Crescent Society had established a community center in Muzaffarabad with an objective to provide psychological first aid to the earthquake victims. This program is still continued and services provided under this program are divided into three parts. 1) Vocational Training Center 2) Computer Training Centre and 3) Psychosocial Support Trainings.


  1. Training Department

Established in 2007 with the financial support of Turkish Red Crescent Society with an objective to build the capacities of PRCS AJK, volunteers, community members, line departments and other stakeholders to respond any disaster. This department is also contributing to prepare the people before any natural disaster.



Ongoing Programs/Projects

  • Disaster Management Department

Established in 2008,the main objective behind the establishment of DM was to reach the disaster victims timely and in the manageable way.

  • Youth and Volunteers Department

Established in 2008. Currently the PRCS AJK contribution in volunteers pool is 14000. These volunteers are well trained in DM Response, First Aid, Emergency Response and Relief distribution. Our volunteers are well educated and ready to respond at any time on a call of PRCS.

  1. Community-based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) Program

Established in 2009. CBHFA is an approach to work with community with aim to aware the community about health and hygiene practices.  Mother and Child health, awareness about potable water and water born diseases and their prevention are parts of this program.

  • Community Based Risk Education and Victims Assistance Program

Established in November, 2010, the MRE Program is in full swing in six districts of AJK which include HattianBalaMuzaffarabad, Neelum, Poonch, Kotli and Bhimber and Haveli. Borders of these districts are attached with the India Administered Kashmir. The main objective behind this program is to aware the communities living along the Line of Control (LoC) of the danger and risks of Mines& other explosives and its threats to their lives through. Communities have provided information about the dangers of mines, UXOs, ERW and IEDs awareness sessions, IEC material, World MRE Day. Referral for physical rehabilitation to Muzaffarabad Physical Rehabilitation Centre (MPRC) of victims carried out through assessment in the targeted areas. Furthermore, incident reports of victims reported accordingly.

  1. Media & Communication Department

The Media & Communication Department of PRCS AJK State Branch was established in 2011 with the support of the ICRC. Relations with media, coordination with other organizations and dissemination of the RCRC Movement and Fundamental Principles are main responsibilities of the communication department. Publications of PRCS AJK and preparation of news releases, reports also part of the communication department.

  • Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Program (CBDRR)

The PRCS AJK State Branch has started the CBDRR Program in Union Council SarliSacha of Muzaffarabad District. Danish Red Cross and Australian Red Cross are funding for this project. The resilience of vulnerable communities in Muzaffarabad district, AJK State has been strengthened through capacity building of PRCS and local institutions through this project. 18,129 persons of 10 villages of UC SarliSacha will take direct benefit from this project. The duration of this project is 5 years. The estimated cost of this project is Rs. 350 million.

  • Integrated Community Based Risk Reduction (ICBRR) Program

This program was started in 2013 in District Bagh and District Neelum with the support of IFRC.

  • Restoring Family Links Program

RFL Program started in 2016. RFL Officers in Muzaffarabad, Poonch and Kotlidisricts.

  • District Branches

PRCS District Branch Neelum

PRCS District Branch Bagh

  • PRCS Offices in districts of AJK

Under the CBRE&VA Program the PRCS AJK State Branch has established its offices in Kotli, Haveli, Poonch and Bhimberdistrics.

  • PRCS Geographic Coverage in AJK

The PRCS AJK has its First Aid Officers in nine out of total 10 districts of AJK. Only in District Sudhnoti the PRCS does not exist at this time.

Partners and Donors of PRCS AJK State Branch


Pakistan Red Crescent Society, NHQ

International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Turkish Red Crescent Society (TRCS)

Taiwan Red Cross (TRC)

Danish Red Cross (DRC)

Australian Red Cross (ARC)

Austrian Red Cross


Addresses of PRCS AJK Branch, District Branches and Offices

  1. PRCS AJK State Branch

5-A, Lower Chattar, Muzaffarabad


Tel. 05822-433557-8 Fax. 05822-434813


  1. District Branch Neelum

Near NADRA Office,

Authmuqam, Neelum

Tel. 05821-456569


  1. District BranchBagh

Opp PWD Rest House, Qandeel Colony,

Bagh, Azad Kashmir


  1. CBRE&VA Program OfficePoonch

By-pass Road, Near NADRA Office,

RawalakotTel. 05824-445923


  1. CBRE&VA Program OfficeBhimber

Pakistan Red Crescent Society

Near old Katcherichowk, Barnala

Thub Road Bhimber.



  1. CBRE&VA Program OfficeKotli

Pakistan Red Crescent Society

Near Harmain Hospital, Pindi Road, Kotli